Very nice to e-meet you, Stranger! Whether you’re a software engineer learning about Internationalization, an executive building a global business, a product manager planning your next feature or just a Localization aficionado like myself – I’m excited to take you on this adventure and share the know-how I gathered over 12 years of taking projects, products, and entire companies global. The story is tailored not only to engineers, product owners, UX designers, and business owners, but really to anybody interested in turning software into truly global products, equally successful in the US, Germany, China or anywhere you want to expand to.

I hope that my hands-on international experience gathered over the years at top internet giants such as Google as well as successful tech start-ups, will make your time spent here with me not only useful, but also engaging, filled with many “aha” moments, solutions and new ideas. And if you’re eager to share your thoughts with me, or if you’d just like to connect, my inbox is always open to feedback and questions!

Wojciech Cyprys